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Texas Government Code Chapter 607 Presumptive Disability Law

The Presumptive Law for first responders (Texas Code, Chapter 607) is a major concern for Texas risk managers.

NAMJ, a Medico-legal Consultancy based in Dallas with a team of medical experts and scientific researchers, has been proven exceedingly capable of addressing these claims.

NAMJ will determine:

  • Whether a case has medical or scientific merit
  • The potential risk
  • What types of experts are needed – MDs, PhDs, etc.
  • What the likelihood is that a specific population will develop and illness or disease

NAMJ will provide:

  • Written reports with analysis from both the scientific and the medical perspective, detailing the issues at hand
  • A determination of the legitimacy of each Presumptive Law claim based on these analyses
  • Plain English narratives of the final conclusions
  • Rebuttal(s) of reports and/or evidence provided by the claimant, if justified


NAMJ has had unrivaled success in providing definitive reports on Presumptive Law claims to Texas municipalities. These reports allow risk managers to make decisions based on expert opinion backed by research, experience, and education.

When faced with Presumptive Law claims, contact NAMJ.  Be confident of your decisions while protecting your reputation for disciplined and fair handling of all matters that come before you.


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