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Medical Peer Review and Quality of Care Review Services

The NAMJ Peer Review Network
The NAMJ Peer Review Network (PRN) is a national network of top-notch medical professionals that are passionate about improving the quality of healthcare through independent peer reviews. The NAMJ PRN provides peer and quality of care reviews that are confidential, useful, consistent, high-quality, and easy to comprehend. Additionally, the peer reviews follow a standardized process and are priced on an up-front, flat-fee basis.

The Network: The Best of the Best
The NAMJ PRN consists of a select group of well-trained and highly-credentialed medical professionals from around the country. Only the best of the best are invited to join the network. All physicians are actively licensed and ABMS board-certified, and most have internal hospital peer review committee experience.

The Peer Reviews: Consistent, Efficient, and Effective, with Flat Fee Pricing
NAMJ peer and quality of care review reports follow a secure, standardized, and simple process so that the questions addressed are answered clearly. Our goal is to make the peer review process easier for our customers, and our reports are reflections of this.

NAMJ develops a customized report format for every customer, so that each customer gets exactly what they need from the review process. The reports are then delivered in this customized format every time so that they are easy to understand and clear to anyone that might need to read the reports.

The NAMJ PRN uses a flat-fee, up-front and all inclusive pricing model, so customers know how much each report will cost even before the records have been shipped.

To request a peer review or quality of care review, please call 877-284-2948 or complete the NAMJ Review Request Form, available in MS Word and PDF


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