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NAMJ is a National Medical Consultancy and Independent Review Organization that provides Independent Medical Reviews and Consulting to Hospitals, Insurers, Third Party Administrators, and Law Firms.


Medical Peer Reviews or Quality of Care Reviews
NAMJ's unmatched efficiency and national network of top-notch medical experts will simplify your review process.
Insurance and Workers' Compensation Peer Reviews
NAMJ's attention to customer needs and proprietary business processes make its review services the best in the nation.
Medical Expert Witnesses
NAMJ knows that every case is unique, so we work with each customer individually to ensure the right expert is used.
Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs)
NAMJ's LNCs help improve outcomes and lower litigation costs.
Customized Medical Consulting
NAMJ uses its experience and extensive network of medical experts to provide customized medical consulting services to many types of orgnaizations facing unique challenges.

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The Genesis of the Expert Witness

NAMJ's founder, Dr. Louis Dyll, discusses the origins of the expert witness.




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