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Medical Expert Witness Services

NAMJ offers the best and most unbiased medical expert witness services in the industry. Our Medico-Legal Knowledge Support Service provides unequaled access to the best academics, clinicians, and administrators in the the nation.

Simply give us the details of your need and we will respond with a CV that matches your requirements. Upon approval of the referred medical expert witness by you, we will schedule an introductory call to ensure satisfaction before proceeding. NAMJ will then serve as an intermediary as necessary for scheduling and coordination. Whether it's document retrieval, report preparation, or travel arrangements, NAMJ's full resources will be just on telephone call away. However, we will never unnecessarily interfere in your dealings with the medical expert witness; after all, our job is to make your's easier.

NAMJ has served law firms of all sizes in all types of cases around the country. Whether you need an MD, RN, DO, PhD, DDS, or any other medical expert witness, NAMJ's in-house medico-legal professionals and vast network will source the best possible match for you.

Let NAMJ's dedicated case managers be your one point of contact for all of your Medico-Legal Knowledge Support needs so that you can concentrate on growing and improving your practice.

To request an expert, please download our Expert Request Form (also available in PDF). The Expert Request Form may be e-mailed to, faxed to (214) 231-9030, or you may call (877) 284-2948 to speak with someone directly.



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