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Independent medical peer reviews, medical consulting, expert witnesses, legal nurse consultants

Medical Review Services for Insurers and Third Party Administrators

NAMJ is a premier provider of medical information management and medical consultant services.

NAMJ has provided the very best of medical arts and sciences to government and industry, bringing expert advice and knowledge on the pressing health sector issues of the day. This consulting is provided by a group consultants consisting of physicians, chiropractors, dentists, and other medical professionals.

Independent Medical Exams, Peer Reviews, and Insurance and Hospital Auditing

Key to NAMJ's services is the company's expert physicians. The group includes over 300 board-certified, practicing physicians experienced in providing both clinical and non-clinical consultation. Our consultants participate in analytical studies, prepare concept papers, review the work of other health professionals, assist startup organizations, advise corporate and government executives, conceptualize medical screening criteria, assess efficacy of care provided, and perform many other services that add clarity to ongoing operations, and suggest methods for improving care and efficiency.


Consulting to Insurance Companies, Hospitals,  Law Firms, and Governments

NAMJ has provided expert medical information services to the insurance industry, hundreds of law firms, and other medical and research organizations. In all of these efforts, NAMJ's expert physicians have rendered independent, objective assessments that withstand the scrutiny of additional legal and other challenges. NAMJ's experts review legal and insurance cases, document findings, provide depositions when necessary, and give testimony in legal proceedings and in arbitrations.

NAMJ's senior staff and consultants have interacted with public and private sector clients, and provided consultation on the nexus of medical and legal matters. Our consultants include medical professionals with many years of experience, most of whom have academic appointments and have published extensively.

NAMJ's experience includes assessing the quality of cost of medical care, health information management, and professional liability and responsibility. NAMJ provides a broad range of services based on the company's ability to reliably and efficiently manage data about the medical care process. NAMJ offers the following services:


  •  Private Insurance Disputes
  • Medical Fraud and Abuse Issues
  • Medicare Billing and Denials
  • Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Issues
  • Meidcaid Billing and Denials
  • Hospital Quality Review
  • Hospital Risk Management
  • Credentialing Issues
  • Physician Group Disputes
  • HMO/Managed Care Issues
  • ICD-9-CM and CPT Coding
  • Medico-Legal Consultation and Expert Testimony


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