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Legal Nurse Consultants

Dynamic firms negotiate obstacles easily because they are able to associate themselves with the right person at the right time. These firms are able to exercise their pool of talent with focus, efficiency, and energy.

North American Medical Jurisprudence can solve all of your firm's medical litigation support issues, bar none. NAMJ sources experienced nurses, clinicians, and academics, as well as helping our attorneys with a range of other medico-legal support products and services.

For instance, our Legal Nurse Consultant program provides an expansive range of services to attorney clients. Our LNCs look for clues, comb through reams of hospital notes, detect errors and omissions, and scan for anomalies. And in the end they give a clear chronological account of the case and the locus of causation.

When combined with our in-house MD resources, our Legal Nurse Consulting Service becomes an invaluable service at supremely cost-efficient rates. Our Legal Nurse Consulting Service includes much more than a nurse. This medico-legal service is backed up and supported with:

All of this is packaged with your NAMJ Legal Nurse Consultant Service. In terms of raw dollar cost, NAMJ is no more expensive than independent LNCs, and much less than our competition. In terms of saving your firm on the bottom-line cost, you will find no equal.

About the Legal Nurses Themselves

Our legal nurse consultants perform a screening process for their attorneys that identifies the breaches in the standard of care in a case - quickly and efficiently. These reports and chronological accounts greatly reduce the time an expert witness needs to understand a case. It also greatly enhances the case's presentation in court, which translates into more winning verdicts. When you use NAMJ's Medico-Legal Litigation Support Services, we promise to provide you with the most efficient, most timely, highest quality LNC service every time, along with the best arsenal of tools found in any one place.

Sourcing, Service, Support

With NAMJ, your legal practice will run more efficiently.

It is all part of our philosophy that legal professionals have more pressing things to worry about than sourcing nurses and provisioning the necessary medico-legal infrastructure.


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